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PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen today warned that workers would turn against the European Union unless it shows that it is on the side of jobs and workers rights.
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said “The strikes in the UK are just the latest example of growing frustration and fear among workers. Workers are beginning to question the freedom of movement because the European Commission has allowed it to be used to undermine wages and working conditions. The European Commission has done nothing to stop freedom of movement of workers from being exploited to drive down wages, despite repeated warnings. Now they are seeing the results.”“The freedom of movement of workers – which ought to benefit workers – and indeed does benefit workers in many cases – is becoming unpopular because of the laissez-faire attitude of this right-wing European Commission. The only people who are happy about this situation are the euro-skeptics.”
“There is an easy solution – workers should be employed at the agreed wage levels negotiated between trade unions and employers in the country of work. It’s a simple, effective and everyday practice. It was a huge mistake to let anyone undermine this fundamental principle. It was asking for trouble and is now causing trouble.”
“I strongly support freedom of movement of workers because it has always been considered something that benefits workers and employers alike. We must make sure that this is the case in practice.”
In April 2008 the PES called on the European Commission to “propose all necessary changes to ensure that national, regional and local systems of collective bargaining are upheld within the European Union.” Read more
In December 2007 Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said that Europe had “shot itself in the foot” with the Laval case and said it “could provide cover for bad employers and wage cutters.”

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